Phinney Ridge Kumon
Serving Ballard, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge
Crown Hill, Blue Ridge, and Green Lake

Phone: 206-365-1600


A Path to Success

1d66066505be422abbb1f691673db3d6The greatest gift you can give your child is confidence. Kumon is an after-school program designed to help children master the fundamental building blocks of math and reading.

Thank you for inquiring about the Phinney Ridge Kumon Center, conveniently located in the Phinney Ridge/Greenwood business district.

At Kumon of Phinney Ridge, we believe that all children are able to develop their untapped potential through building confidence and developing skills in the basic fundamentals of reading and mathematics. In other words, our students can and will learn far beyond expectations, and practice with any “gaps” in their basic fundamentals of math and/or reading.

The Kumon program addresses many concerns of parents. The way most schools manage class loads and the designated curriculum can never meet the needs of the wide variety of students in a class. Struggling children may fall behind as the curriculum moves ahead. Children that are bright in many areas become bored and may not be challenged to reach their potential. Many students have been enrolled in Kumon because their parents knew they could be more than average students. Every student has an individual lesson plan with achievable goals. Your child can benefit without sacrificing sports, music, dance or other activities. The year-round program is flexible and meets the needs of busy families.

 How do I enroll my child?

Enrolling is simple, call 206-365-1600 and sign up for an orientation today!